Residential Air Conditioning Multi Head Systems

Multi Head Split Type Systems

For greater versatility, our inverter multi split system air conditioners feature an innovative design that allows up to 8 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

The multi head split type aircon system allows up to eight wall mounted, ducted, floor mounted or ceiling cassette indoor unit heat pumps of different capacities to be operated from a single outdoor unit.  This makes it an economic answer in multi-room applications.

Need more than 8 indoor units? Take a look at our CITY MULTI VRF range.

mxz-va-series MXZ-VA Series:
MXZ-2A52VA - 2 head/5.2 kW
MXZ-3A54VA - 3 head/5.4 kW
MXZ-4A71VA - 4 head/7.1 kW
MXZ-4A80VA - 4 head/8.0 kW
MXZ-4B80VA - 4 head/8.0 kW
MXZ-5A100VA - 5 head/10.0 kW
power-multi-split-system Power Multi Split System:
MXZ-8A140VA - 8 head/14.0 kW
city-multi-s-series City Multi S Series:
PUMY-P-VHMB/YHMB - 8/10/12 head/11.2-15.5 kW

Inverter Reverse Cycle:
MSZ-FB Series - 2.5 kW - 5.0 kW
MSZ-FB VAH - 3.5 kW - 5.0 kW
MSZ-GA/GB Series - 2.5 kW - 8.1 kW
MSZ-GE Series - 2.5 kW - 5.0 kW
MSZ-GE Series - 6.0 kW - 8.0 kW

Questions Frequently Asked About Heating and Cooling Systems

What styles and types of systems are available?

It’s hard not to get caught in the hype of price wars between bulk retailers.

When looking for an air conditioning or reverse cycle heating system, you want a system that is designed to work for you.

However, the reality is that most bulk retailers only offer a very limited range of split systems, which have equally limited applications.

There is a broad range of air conditioning and heating units available in the market today . . . high wall, floor consoles, ceiling cassettes and ducted systems to name a few. These products are designed for a multitude of buildings, purposes and applications.

By limiting yourself to the narrow choices offered by bulk retailers, you also limit your chances of achieving a highly successful solution.

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