How does reverse cycle heating compare to other methods?

There are many myths and falsehoods regarding reverse cycle heating.

The main misconception is that, being electrically operated, reverse cycle heating is very expensive. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

So here are the facts.

A well designed reverse cycle heating system is:

  • By far the most cost effective and energy efficient method of heating;
  • The cleanest form of heating. It actually filters the air before expelling it into the room;
  • Safer. No combustion is required to operate. There are no risks of gas leaks or explosions.
  • Immediate. The unit delivers immediate heating from the moment you turn it on. It does not require a furnace to get to operating temperature before turning the fan on.
  • Simpler and cheaper to install. It only requires one form of power generation. For example, gas furnaces require both gas lines and electricity to operate.
  • More reliable. There are no pilot lights to keep lit. Reverse cycle heaters operate in even the most violent of winds.