Why buy a recognised brand . . . do you really get what you pay for?

From time to time new brands of air conditioners and heaters enter the market looking to capture market share. These brands would be well known by their heavy advertising and aggressive discounting.

Like cars and other mechanical products, air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system have moving, operating parts. Just like cars, these mechanical components can vary in quality, engineering excellence and performance. And they also malfunction from time to time.

Even the most expensive cars break down . . . albeit, less frequently.

But what happens when your car breaks down? You want to get it fixed . . . fast!

That means having quick access to qualified service people and an abundant supply of readily available spare parts.

The same is true with air conditioning and reverse cycle heating systems. The quality of critical mechanical parts varies enormously. So does their operating effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Just like with cars, leading manufacturers also invest heavily in the development of new technology.

By investing in a leading brand you will always get the latest and most efficient product available.