Why choose a specialist air conditioning and heating company?

There are many ways to purchase an air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system. Appliance outlets, bulk importers, internet, even “off the back of a truck”! In these cases, the supplier is not the installer. The installer is not the servicer. And when something goes wrong, everyone ducks for cover.

When you invest in an air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system you should be buying an integrated package including design, supply, installation and servicing.

Whilst there are plenty of vendors happy to sell you a unit, few will take full responsibility for proper design, installation and ongoing servicing.

Specialist air conditioning and reverse cycle heating businesses provide complete packages. They provide all services under the one roof. They design, supply, install and service every system they sell.

And because the designer also installs the systems, you know the installation will be exactly how the designer intended.

What’s more, because the supplier also services the unit, they want to be certain they get the job right the first time.

For you, that means one company, one phone call, one relationship.