We absolutely guarantee that we can design, install and service the right air conditioning solution for you!

Choosing the right size air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system (heat pump) for your individual needs is critically important.

With over 25 years in this industry and being Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers we have the experience and factory training to choose the right air conditioning system for your home.

Whether it’s a ducted air conditioning system for every room of your home or the latest in energy efficient split inverter air conditioning units.

For qualified sales advice, industry accredited professional installation and ongoing support for your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system,  

Why choose a specialist air conditioning company?

There are many ways to purchase an air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system. Appliance outlets, bulk importers, internet, even “off the back of a truck”! In these cases, the supplier is not the installer. The installer is not the servicer. And when something goes wrong, everyone ducks for cover.

When you invest in an air conditioning and reverse cycle heating system you should be buying an integrated package including design, supply, installation and servicing. Whilst there are plenty of vendors happy to sell you a unit, few will take full responsibility for proper design, installation and ongoing servicing.

Why Call Climatic?

11 Great reasons why!

  1. We inspect every site before designing and estimationg any systems. Anything less is downright irresponsible!

  2. We install, service and support every air conditioner we sell

  3. Come and see, touch and listen in our working showroom. Every air conditioner on display is fully functioning so you know exactly what you get!

  4. You can absolutely rely on us to always turn up when we say we will.

  5. More than half our business is repeated & recommendations

  6. Being Geelong based, our installation & back-up service is quick & easy.

  7. All Climatic trades people are fully licensed and accredited.

  8. We are the authorised warranty repairer in Geelong. In fact, we are often called on to fix the mistakes other installers make.

  9. All Climatic staff complete comprehensive manufacturing training programs, which guarantees you outstanding professional service.

  10. You can rest easy with our customised preventive maintenance service.

  11. Because we stand behind every product we sell & install, you will only ever get the highest quality, most durable products available on the market.

Don't get caught in the middle. Only use a business that installs, services and supports everything they sell. We know it's easy to be attracted by up-front discounting ... but don't be fooled.

Insist on a site inspection and a system designed to meet your needs. Insist on accredited and licenced installers. Insist on Climatic Air Conditioning.